Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Why do I have so many new followers when I post LESS?

The more I wait to post blogs the more attention this blog seems to get...though I got the little flu thingy this week so I didnt have too much to post...I did go out a little though since the weekend and have some pics...I just really want it to get warm like NOW but at the same time I can ALMOST fit back into my good skinnier Eden clothes so i guess I can just work out a lot while it's cold...very happy I can hit the gym five days a week if I want to or work out at home...Flu has taken away my appetite so I barely have eaten this exercise but weight goes by by...thanks death flu!
So here is some shit...soon I will post more shit...saw The Mom today and my niece too at Union Square which was nice cause it was warm out...but here are some pics of various weird shit...April has some big stuff going on.for me and my friends...My best friend Martine is coming to NYC for a few days soon and I am so excited! She made a feature film that is getting a lot of attention lately so its not screening in the states though she is in Newfoundland...can't wait to see my Martini and also Hunting Pignut too! It's about squatting and punks...and since she was my bestie at C-Squat for years she is an expert!
I will post the poster for it has a trailer many friends are on TV sisters bf may have a new movie out soon...he just put out Brickleberry comic from that show...Crumb is working on our new art much fun stuff.

I got a lovely shot of some delicious cake in the gross snow on St Marks...I hope it's gluten free at least. We now have and own the original Crumb artwork of our Be Kind to a Man When He's Down has made the rounds all over i think...galleries...museums...who knows...a meme that cracks me up for some reason...Some ALIEN badges i bought for Crumb and John and now I am jealous cause I need one too...some weird cubes by Cooper Art School...A pic my friend Shayne has up in his room where we are hopping trains and I just like it...I can see my glasses and long braids I had then..Shayne never wears shoes I had to get shot of him at the one seems to notice this. It was the second anniversary of the 2nd Ave explosion so i got a pic of the two grave markers...fucking sad. Some lovely soda crackers...and John got me trying to play the broken piano that was at Tompkins this is a shitload of nonsense but I will have more to post about soon...

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