Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Mosaic Man's tile tribute to David Peel and some other stuff. Yeah.

Walked around today after working out for two hours cause it was nice and i have stuff to do all week until PARTY WEEKEND TIME...saw some fun stuff...it's chilly again but that spring vibe of crazy weird shit going on everywhere is in the air and I love it.
On St. Marks and 3rd Jim Power did a small great mosaic for Peel...had to go find it to take a few pics...saw another artist painting a huge thing on the way....too chilly for vending so i have time off to record and do other stuff I have been too busy for...missing my bestie Martine but so excited her film is being screened at several film fest soon...hard work pays off! That top pic is an app my friend created at a hackathon which is pretty funny. Text it "hi!" Then the memorial flowers on 9th st where the cyclist was killed..Dave and Cookie both got haircuts...and I know you are all DYING to see that! My cat beating up his new trump doll..and then the art I saw today. Cannot wait for stuff going on this week like the earth day march and the shows and parties...summer is coming! You know nothing Jon Snow!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

David Peel's memorial and working on Ave A

So today I vended on St Marks and A next to my good friend Jen and I did sell some stuff but I missed the actual service at the funeral home on 7th st where David Peel was being laid to rest. I heard it was one crazy story after another and the crowd was even freak in NYC but I was vending so I kinda missed it all.
I did get a pic of the crowd coming out before I went in to say bye to Peel whom I loved...and I took a video of the memorial that was in Tompkins til about 9pm. I think I knew everyone there and it was a bit overwhelming! So I will post what I took and a few random pics too..My best friend Martine was in town all week and we went on a drunken bender and I threw the best dance party at Csquat but had the worst hangover for days...which did not stop me from going out to Sidewalk Cafe the next day...heh.
So here are some pics and now life is back to normal and your can catch me selling my band stuff with all Robert Crumb art and also Crumb on mandolin, guitar and tenor guitar too...all pretty cheap and you get stickers and a card and you get to talk to moi! The best thing of all! I think I made 20 new friends in the 3 hours I was out there. Plus some dough! So here are the pics and one video..RIP Peel I will miss seeing him around the hood...Many more posts coming soon! I am way behind!