Friday, May 5, 2017

Banned from the Facebook...O.K. I never much liked playing there anyway.

My Fb ban was lifted last night so today has been fun posting pics of me with my teardrop tattoo...if someone did report me to be a dick it totally backfired because that was probably the most laughs I have had on that site since I joined...I just used the band page to email people when I had to. I got so many emails and texts and comments...comedy gold and it's still going on. Uploading a pic of Kalan Sherrod's junk wrapped in a rubber band was the best decision ever for FB fun. That was at Gallery 292 in Bullet Space Squat for Reverend Jen's art show. I went to that and so many other events and parties this past week it was great. I just wish it would get warm already! All the spring fun has begun but we all have our winter clothes on still and keep getting the flu. Maybe by my birthday next week it'll be nice out.
I need to post all the pics I have so I can delete here is some stuff going on here and there..and some of my FB jail memes...tomorrow is the Pot Parade please baby jesus let it not rain on my pot parade! Maybe the ladies I saw doing a conga line through Tompkins Square Park were slowly heading there hitting every annoying happy hour on the way...I included one pic of Kalan's butt at Jen's art party just for fun. That bathroom sign is the bathrooms at Union Square...and i got one of a photographer taking Jen's pic on Ave A while she vended. It was too windy for me to set up my little table with my stuff but hopefully next week I can be out there with her. It's my dream job really.

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