Sunday, May 28, 2017

Yay! I am back! With pics and videos from the Loisaida Fest!

Hey pals and gals! My internet was out for about a week and then my phone was broke so I couldn't send myself the pics and video I have saved up for my blog but it's all fixed now so I am good to go! There was so much going on every day I really didn't miss being online or on my phone all that much so I put off getting it all fixed...It may not feel like spring much weather wise but it's still fun as fuck around my hood though I cannot wait until this rain stops and it's summer already.
Tons of artists from Puerto Rico have been crashing at CSquat while they worked on the huge amazing puppet show that was on Avenue C and then at La Plaza as part of the anniversary of the Loisaida fest this Sunday...the detail in these puppets is simply incredible! The show was so so good and they had 4 of the squats in it with a bulldozer and a cops fighting and a scary Guiliana puppet! We took the Csquat piece to the actual Squat and got some pics of it..because really who doesn't want there to be 2 Csquats? Fun dance party after in La Plaza after for a bit...
I have so much to post! The Dance Parade and the Choking Victim show at C...even the punk show at Tompkins yesterday was hilarious...the cops did not want to deal with the 40 drunk kids on the ground so they just drove off...while half naked kids rolled around tangled up in dog leashes and empty beer cans.
Looks like Memorial Day will be a rainy one but I am sure lots of BBQs will still happen if at all possible...I LOVE the city when it's dead like this but for the locals and crazies...WHY MUST THE BROS AND WOO GIRLS COME BACK???
Anyway, here are some pics and video too! Finally Csquat is mine at last! YOUR HOUSE REALLY IS MINE SUCKAS!

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  1. Yay we missed you! Check your comments i left some and dont see that they went through. Great event sorry to have missed it!