Thursday, June 1, 2017

Dead Cover Band in Tompkins for their 50th show anniversary. Apparently.

Apparently today was the anniversary of the Grateful Dead's first show and it was apparently in Tompkins Square Park I guess and I apparently went to the park with John just to get sun and we were accosted by hippies dancing around to a pretty good Dead Cover Band who were on a lot less heroin that Jerry Garcia was as they sort of sounded better than the Dead ever did.
I don't like that music anymore but I was a deadhead from age 14-18 and I did go on Dead tour in between Rainbow Gatherings with my best friend Spyce for over a year long ago so this stuff has good memories for me. I think in 1990 I caught the Dead popularity revival cause we hitchhiked across country and back and half the cars on the highways were hippies going to shows. Never had any problems, just had a lot of fun I can barely remember now!
I think people still follow the Dead offshoot bands and Phish of course whom I can't stand but I feel like I got to experience the last legs of that kind of fun. In 1991-92 I got sick of the whole thing and discovered punk rock so that was the end of that. Then Jerry died and Haight Ashbury mourned for weeks...But man, do I have some crazy memories from Tour and the freaking parking lot insanity...the Spinners, a cult who thought god spoke through Jerry Garcia and made fake tickets so they could get into every show and spin around like whirling dervishes...doing nitrous on top of whatever psychedelic school bus I happened to be traveling with at that time...If i ever finish my damn book you can read all the hippie chronicles...
But for was Tompkins Square Park today for about 4 hours. The ages ranged from around 5-85! Did I mention the huge cardboard Jerry Garcia there? That last group pic was taken by Stacie Joy whom I hung out with during the show amongst other dead fans or just folks enjoying an 80 degrees sunny day in the park WITH HIPPIESAND NOODLING.

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