Thursday, June 15, 2017

Sesame Street filming a car commercial in Tompkins this past week.

So John worked boom on Sesame street for a bit and I  and got to meet everyone and to go crazy drunk wrap parties where the puppets were cursing and sexing it up and it was great. So fun to see these guys in Tompkins all week even if it was for freaking a car ad.
Took some pics and videos as usual...having such a fun spring lately but I still need some crazy drunk nights before I leave for France in July..I have two weeks to do this cause I leave for Melbourne FLA this hopefully it will be hot when i get back and I caF just go nuts and run around so much that i will be ready for mellow france...though actually new bars opened up there and they all speak english and i know the owners and lots of wine will be there so I can get my party on there too. It all happens at La Place there every night with music and booze and great food so there will be pics a plenty of that on my fb and twitter and on here too of course...Sauve also has a tattoo shop and a book/zine store that hosts a punk venue too. Crazy!
For now some of Big Bird and the crew sweating it out at the park...The top pic is my talented good friend Martine Blue whose feature film Hunting Pignut will be at the huge Toronto Film fest next week so she got some press for proud of her! Cant help but laugh at the utter psycho I knew who just pretends to make films for about 20 years now..but cant use a camera at all...just makes up fake things she is working on and editing for years and years now..then something happens and OOPS she lost the footage somehow! Martine and I joke about this...The best thing about a Martine Film is that it exists and is real! Then I saw that ear on the ground and though i think it was rubber i did not touch it to find out! It sort of looks delicious though...

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