Monday, June 12, 2017

So Much Stuff and Everyone Loves my Stuff. Don't touch my stuff though.

So it's one million degrees and i love it and i just got home and I have some pics from the body pride parade which was small but funny..and today Sesame Street was filming a commercial in Tompkins today so I got some pics and videos of that too.
I will post the NAKED PARADE first and the rest tomorrow..going to Melbourne Florida where it seems to be pouring on the 22nd with my Swedish family folk so I really don't have much time left in NYC to run wild and drunk and all that...have a little bit of a cold too so gotta rid myself of that...I am still at every event though!
So here is the small and strange and sort of goth 2nd annual NAKED PARADE which ended up at the fountain of Washington Square park as it was so so hot out.
I just wore my usual costume type weird clothes...there were more men there taking pics of boobs then actual boobs.

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