Friday, July 28, 2017

Gig here on the 5th! Stuff! Other Stuff! Things! House Decorating!

Here are some photos or pics if you will...from Sauve of course. Been here almost two weeks now and we already have posters up for our big show next my face is everywhere in the village and other villages nearby screaming and I look like an Amazon and I love it! Laure Born made that poster who is one of my favorite artists...drawing is Crumb though of course. Going to be a loose kinda fun show in their gallery. We tried to take creepy pics around here at night but I am so used to this old village it's not really creepy anymore to me. We have been buying all kinds of stuff for the house here...slowly...mainly art so far and some weird shit similar to what we have at home. And John bought some vintage Planet of the Apes posters to hang...There is our friend Rika, another great artist in her studio here...a cat watching the world go by...a podcast we did the other night with Tony Baldwin who is an amazing piano player...I learned Tampons means Stamps here...I was excited an office supply store was so in touch with women's needs for a minute...and I took a hike around the Mer De Rocher here...the Sea of Rocks which goes on for miles where you can get lost and never be seen again. Maybe Trump should take a stroll through with no water or flashlight for a few days hmm?
We hit the beach again today...tomorrow I go to a all ladies dinner at Millie Dolan's house..another musician here who plays in Sophie's band amongst many others..just having a mellow, musical, nice time here so far...lots of good fun and sun. Wow, my writing is getting more and more simple...HAVING FUN IN THE SUN TIL THE DAY IS DONE MAN.
Trying to take more pics and videos too...Here is some 78rpm listening with Crumb and John..and this wednesday wine tasting they have here now with French bands playing American's pretty funny...great food and wine though!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Blogging from Freedom France!

I have already taken so many pics and videos...I am just going to post a bunch of 'em now then I need to go to bed early for the beach tomorrow. Been so busy with the house and all and visitors and seeing everyone I have not had time to hit the beach or waterfalls yet...BUT THEY WILL COME BELIEVE YOU ME. We got some pics of the house here...old and weird just like us! Love it! Having dinner withe the Crumbs like we have been most nights..Aline and John with Robert drawing on a placemat...the view at night from our terrace...Sophie holding one of her chickens...Out to dinner again with everyone plus Aline's mom who is here for a week or so...Crumb and John looking at 78s online...GASP! Crumb not impressed at all I am proving that I am in the Illuminati..and the weird demon chair at the Tour De Mole restaurant here...have no idea what that is about. May be part of the medieval reenactments that go on here every week or so. Crazy loud concerts are every thursday...and they are LOUD...Sunday is a punk rock show at the punk part of Sauve which includes a bookstore with comics, another with zines and a craft store which is also a venue. Such a funky odd little village here! More soon...Already booked a gig at the Crumb gallery for August 5th!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Clayton Patterson in conversation with Tod Lippy-Last blog post from the US of A!

Tomorrow evening I leave for freedom france to stay at our new house we have there for the first time ever...and we will play gigs with R Crumb and hang with Sophie whom I love and her mom whom I also love and see all the nutty characters we have come to know and love in the little medieval village of Sauve. We plan to record our album and finish it tons of podcasts and play A LOT of music! So excited!
So my last post from here for a while is of an event at the Tompkins Library that was cool...some of Clayton Patterson's amazing photographs from the 80's drag scene at the pyramid club are in Tod Lippy's magazine's a scene I know little about but the outfits were incredible and it looked like such a fun time...i only took a few lame pics and one video as I just wanted to hear what they had to say so here they are...I really had so few pics I will add the chihuahua power stroller girl named Summer who dresser her dog up...the new Pure and Special NY water! Dave and his new shirt...a photo shoot in La Jesus fan I've been using all week...and my friends Angry Bob and I hanging out late night in that's it for NYC fun until the end of August!
This time tomorrow I will be halfway across the water on my way to my favorite village to see some of my favorite people..cant wait to see the house and take pics and videos of it for my friends! It's so big we can have so many visitors...we have already had some when we rented out apts there to stay out but this is twice as big and also almost ours once we pay it off!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Red Tailed Hawks in Tompkins Square Park

So lately I made some new friends in Tompkins. Well they are actually people I have been seeing around for like 20 years mixed in with a few I know but they are the "hawkers" of the park. They come to watch the red tailed hawks in the park and take incredible photos of them decapitating pigeons and squirrels and also just flying around and what looks like posing at times for the cameras.
I just have my crappy iPhone and don't bother taking many pics as people like Laura Goggin over at take such amazing pics with real cameras it's kinda like why bother? I can just look at hers! But I will post a few on here when one got really close to me. I have a video or two of one of the babies. I think one is of Flatbush the one that was brought in from brooklyn. The other one may be Manhattan the biological baby of Crista and Dora the parents.
These pics are old sort of but I leave so soon I am blogging every day now to update it all and it feels pretty good. Went to the Tompkins library today to see Clayton Patterson speak with Tod Lippy about the 80's drag scene at the pyramid club and that was pretty interesting. A whole NYC scene I had no real clue about. I was a bit too young to be going there and it was great to see all these legends really from back then that have been forgotten.
AnyCrap, here is some stuff..and i will post more stuff before I leave NYC so BEWARE I AM BACK TO BORE YOU TO DEATH.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Florida and other boring crap.

Kind of a random not too exciting post of stuff I have on my desktop still. Well, most are from my nice mellow trip to Florida with John's family where we just swam and got sun every day with the kiddies. My Swedish nieces are 8 and 10 and are both taller than I am already of course! Nice time and great weather and food. And we rode the BLUES MOBILE there hell yeah!
That first pic is from a crazy bright ManhattanHenge sunset before I left for was like an alien ship was landing on St Marks. FINALLY! And who can live without YEAST RINGS? They ran out it's why we left really...though we found some Coney Island hotdogs there.
And that last pic is one a few people have sent me which is too close to my name for my tastes  but I wish I had it to hang in my apartment. AND ALL OVER MY HOOD.
More stuff to come and starting next week lots of south of France pics! This yeah we have a little tripod and are going to film tons of videos when we play out with crumb or just as a duo to post on youtube. Can't wait for this almost 6 week trip to start!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Reverend Billy and the Weeping Willow Memorial at La Plaza

So today there was a ton of stuff going on including a creepy jesus puppet show set up in Tompkins where they were using a Curious George doll to brainwash the kiddies into joining Jesus Camp. They called it Danny Boy and it had a british accent but it was Curious George and I felt like making a citizen's arrest as they don't have permission to brainwash kids with Curious George.
I took a short video of that but mainly I was at La Plaza for the blessing of the weeping willow trees that have been there for 40 years but now are rotting and need to be cut down.
Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping choir were there and we all paid our respects to the tree and tied ribbons around it. I kept yelling one more ribbon and it's going to fall on us! But it didn't.
So here are some pics and videos from today including creepy jesus puppet show. The free advice puppet lady was out and I told her she needed to stop them and STOP THEM NOW.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Dylan Mars Greenberg's movie Reagitator the Reanimator Parody!

Man, it's sure been a while but it's been so nice out since I got back from Florida and I leave for much of the summer in about 9 days so I put haven't been online much. Had a nice mellow time in Florida with John's family and my nieces who live in Sweden. Adorable girls who are both taller than I am at ages 8 and 10. Swedes! I have a few pics of that trip..nothing too exciting but I will post them up maybe at some point. But for now here are some pics from my pal Dylan Mars an up and coming 20 year old filmmaker who screened his hilarious and psychedelic horror parody film at Anthology Film Archives a few nights ago. I knew about half the people there and half the cast and was in the film too for a second running from a huge monster with eye giant eyeball at Otto's Shrunken Head.
Fun night and I will be in more of his films as he keeps on making them I hope! My best friend Martine Blue is doing great with her film career and it's all just so exciting. I love acting just never pursued is more than enough for me and John and I have some stage banter that's almost like a comedy show at times. Which is why i know all these great comedians like Lewis Black and Kristen Schaal...we played shows with them of the variety type. And now my sis is dating Yucko the Clown and the comedy connection it. I almost wanted to do stand up but I think I could not deal with it or do it well so its all in my writing and book I am working on. Reagitator has cameos from Lloyd Kaufman of Troma fame, Purple Pam, Voltaire and others! And check out Dylan's troll nipple shirt. You love it.
Anyway here are some pics of the freaky fun night. FREAKY FUN YO!