Sunday, July 23, 2017

Blogging from Freedom France!

I have already taken so many pics and videos...I am just going to post a bunch of 'em now then I need to go to bed early for the beach tomorrow. Been so busy with the house and all and visitors and seeing everyone I have not had time to hit the beach or waterfalls yet...BUT THEY WILL COME BELIEVE YOU ME. We got some pics of the house here...old and weird just like us! Love it! Having dinner withe the Crumbs like we have been most nights..Aline and John with Robert drawing on a placemat...the view at night from our terrace...Sophie holding one of her chickens...Out to dinner again with everyone plus Aline's mom who is here for a week or so...Crumb and John looking at 78s online...GASP! Crumb not impressed at all I am proving that I am in the Illuminati..and the weird demon chair at the Tour De Mole restaurant here...have no idea what that is about. May be part of the medieval reenactments that go on here every week or so. Crazy loud concerts are every thursday...and they are LOUD...Sunday is a punk rock show at the punk part of Sauve which includes a bookstore with comics, another with zines and a craft store which is also a venue. Such a funky odd little village here! More soon...Already booked a gig at the Crumb gallery for August 5th!


  1. Hello Eden,
    I would really liove to see your next show at the gallery but i'm not in the area at the moment, i'll be near Sauves from the 15 to the 27 of august, will there be another gig?
    Hope so!
    Thanks and keep on rockin'
    JF from France

  2. No this is our only big show with Robert! Sorry!

  3. Arghh
    Maybe i'll try the 4 hours ride ;)
    Is it some kind of private show or can anybody come in?

  4. It's open to the public at the crumb gallery from 7-9pm.

  5. Ok thanks Eden, i'm gonna think about it.
    Staying all day in a hammock or riding and see your gig ;)
    I,ve got friends five minutes from Sauves i would see them too.
    Anyway good show!

  6. Ah it's too complicated, too many cars on the road this week-end, can't come good gig!
    And reconsider doing another one ;)))

  7. We won't be here long enough for s second show there.
    Yeah it's packed on the roads and will be packed tonight. I like the heat!