Friday, July 14, 2017

Clayton Patterson in conversation with Tod Lippy-Last blog post from the US of A!

Tomorrow evening I leave for freedom france to stay at our new house we have there for the first time ever...and we will play gigs with R Crumb and hang with Sophie whom I love and her mom whom I also love and see all the nutty characters we have come to know and love in the little medieval village of Sauve. We plan to record our album and finish it tons of podcasts and play A LOT of music! So excited!
So my last post from here for a while is of an event at the Tompkins Library that was cool...some of Clayton Patterson's amazing photographs from the 80's drag scene at the pyramid club are in Tod Lippy's magazine's a scene I know little about but the outfits were incredible and it looked like such a fun time...i only took a few lame pics and one video as I just wanted to hear what they had to say so here they are...I really had so few pics I will add the chihuahua power stroller girl named Summer who dresser her dog up...the new Pure and Special NY water! Dave and his new shirt...a photo shoot in La Jesus fan I've been using all week...and my friends Angry Bob and I hanging out late night in that's it for NYC fun until the end of August!
This time tomorrow I will be halfway across the water on my way to my favorite village to see some of my favorite people..cant wait to see the house and take pics and videos of it for my friends! It's so big we can have so many visitors...we have already had some when we rented out apts there to stay out but this is twice as big and also almost ours once we pay it off!

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