Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Dylan Mars Greenberg's movie Reagitator the Reanimator Parody!

Man, it's sure been a while but it's been so nice out since I got back from Florida and I leave for much of the summer in about 9 days so I put haven't been online much. Had a nice mellow time in Florida with John's family and my nieces who live in Sweden. Adorable girls who are both taller than I am at ages 8 and 10. Swedes! I have a few pics of that trip..nothing too exciting but I will post them up maybe at some point. But for now here are some pics from my pal Dylan Mars an up and coming 20 year old filmmaker who screened his hilarious and psychedelic horror parody film at Anthology Film Archives a few nights ago. I knew about half the people there and half the cast and was in the film too for a second running from a huge monster with eye giant eyeball at Otto's Shrunken Head.
Fun night and I will be in more of his films as he keeps on making them I hope! My best friend Martine Blue is doing great with her film career and it's all just so exciting. I love acting just never pursued is more than enough for me and John and I have some stage banter that's almost like a comedy show at times. Which is why i know all these great comedians like Lewis Black and Kristen Schaal...we played shows with them of the variety type. And now my sis is dating Yucko the Clown and the comedy connection it. I almost wanted to do stand up but I think I could not deal with it or do it well so its all in my writing and book I am working on. Reagitator has cameos from Lloyd Kaufman of Troma fame, Purple Pam, Voltaire and others! And check out Dylan's troll nipple shirt. You love it.
Anyway here are some pics of the freaky fun night. FREAKY FUN YO!

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