Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Florida and other boring crap.

Kind of a random not too exciting post of stuff I have on my desktop still. Well, most are from my nice mellow trip to Florida with John's family where we just swam and got sun every day with the kiddies. My Swedish nieces are 8 and 10 and are both taller than I am already of course! Nice time and great weather and food. And we rode the BLUES MOBILE there hell yeah!
That first pic is from a crazy bright ManhattanHenge sunset before I left for was like an alien ship was landing on St Marks. FINALLY! And who can live without YEAST RINGS? They ran out it's why we left really...though we found some Coney Island hotdogs there.
And that last pic is one a few people have sent me which is too close to my name for my tastes  but I wish I had it to hang in my apartment. AND ALL OVER MY HOOD.
More stuff to come and starting next week lots of south of France pics! This yeah we have a little tripod and are going to film tons of videos when we play out with crumb or just as a duo to post on youtube. Can't wait for this almost 6 week trip to start!

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