Friday, July 28, 2017

Gig here on the 5th! Stuff! Other Stuff! Things! House Decorating!

Here are some photos or pics if you will...from Sauve of course. Been here almost two weeks now and we already have posters up for our big show next my face is everywhere in the village and other villages nearby screaming and I look like an Amazon and I love it! Laure Born made that poster who is one of my favorite artists...drawing is Crumb though of course. Going to be a loose kinda fun show in their gallery. We tried to take creepy pics around here at night but I am so used to this old village it's not really creepy anymore to me. We have been buying all kinds of stuff for the house here...slowly...mainly art so far and some weird shit similar to what we have at home. And John bought some vintage Planet of the Apes posters to hang...There is our friend Rika, another great artist in her studio here...a cat watching the world go by...a podcast we did the other night with Tony Baldwin who is an amazing piano player...I learned Tampons means Stamps here...I was excited an office supply store was so in touch with women's needs for a minute...and I took a hike around the Mer De Rocher here...the Sea of Rocks which goes on for miles where you can get lost and never be seen again. Maybe Trump should take a stroll through with no water or flashlight for a few days hmm?
We hit the beach again today...tomorrow I go to a all ladies dinner at Millie Dolan's house..another musician here who plays in Sophie's band amongst many others..just having a mellow, musical, nice time here so far...lots of good fun and sun. Wow, my writing is getting more and more simple...HAVING FUN IN THE SUN TIL THE DAY IS DONE MAN.
Trying to take more pics and videos too...Here is some 78rpm listening with Crumb and John..and this wednesday wine tasting they have here now with French bands playing American's pretty funny...great food and wine though!

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