Thursday, July 13, 2017

Red Tailed Hawks in Tompkins Square Park

So lately I made some new friends in Tompkins. Well they are actually people I have been seeing around for like 20 years mixed in with a few I know but they are the "hawkers" of the park. They come to watch the red tailed hawks in the park and take incredible photos of them decapitating pigeons and squirrels and also just flying around and what looks like posing at times for the cameras.
I just have my crappy iPhone and don't bother taking many pics as people like Laura Goggin over at take such amazing pics with real cameras it's kinda like why bother? I can just look at hers! But I will post a few on here when one got really close to me. I have a video or two of one of the babies. I think one is of Flatbush the one that was brought in from brooklyn. The other one may be Manhattan the biological baby of Crista and Dora the parents.
These pics are old sort of but I leave so soon I am blogging every day now to update it all and it feels pretty good. Went to the Tompkins library today to see Clayton Patterson speak with Tod Lippy about the 80's drag scene at the pyramid club and that was pretty interesting. A whole NYC scene I had no real clue about. I was a bit too young to be going there and it was great to see all these legends really from back then that have been forgotten.
AnyCrap, here is some stuff..and i will post more stuff before I leave NYC so BEWARE I AM BACK TO BORE YOU TO DEATH.

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  1. One of the babies was playing in the sprinklers this morning. They miss you!