Sunday, July 9, 2017

Reverend Billy and the Weeping Willow Memorial at La Plaza

So today there was a ton of stuff going on including a creepy jesus puppet show set up in Tompkins where they were using a Curious George doll to brainwash the kiddies into joining Jesus Camp. They called it Danny Boy and it had a british accent but it was Curious George and I felt like making a citizen's arrest as they don't have permission to brainwash kids with Curious George.
I took a short video of that but mainly I was at La Plaza for the blessing of the weeping willow trees that have been there for 40 years but now are rotting and need to be cut down.
Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping choir were there and we all paid our respects to the tree and tied ribbons around it. I kept yelling one more ribbon and it's going to fall on us! But it didn't.
So here are some pics and videos from today including creepy jesus puppet show. The free advice puppet lady was out and I told her she needed to stop them and STOP THEM NOW.

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