Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Last week in Freedom France! Just some pics of stuff here...IN FREEDOM LAND SANS TRUMP

We rode this steam train today which was touristy but fun and crazy but I will post the random pics I have on my desktop right now with some video and then post that stuff...we leave on the 24th and have some band recording to do and maybe some videos for fun...every day counts now so I will try to get all the fun stuff online in the next few there will be more coming soon!
Some fun rocks kids decorated here..our posters are still up..the smallest 78 in front of our new house..stooping it! My dream of HUGE AMOUNTS OF NUTELLA..Star Wars seems popular swimming place that is private and wonderful....some new art we bought from Laure Born an artist we adore here with dinosaurs and UFO's...and me proving I am in the illuminati and Robert Crumb not caring. And a few videos of Crumb playing some of his 78s for the podcast and for John.

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