Saturday, September 2, 2017

Animal Rights March to Tompkins Square Park.

Just a quick post about the Animal Rights March that started in the Flatiron district and made it's way down to Tompkins by 5. I heard about it late so I was working out when I realized it was starting. But I did run to the park and took some videos and a few pics of it. Nothing too exciting...there were so many people there with great costumes and signs but it began to rain and I was very out of it AS I HAVE MY PERIOD OH YEAH so I left to hang out at Ray's and catch up with him.
Lots of stuff going on for the end of summer still I just wish it was not 50 degrees at night!
Washington Square Park folk fest next weekend, a show in Tompkins, Jazz in the 6th and B Garden tomorrow...PLUS my best friend Martine Blue is screening two films at Csquat this month! One that she made there over 20 years ago and her new feature Hunting Pignut. I can't wait! I love having talented friends who do creative stuff...makes me want to do even more. I will post more about that in a few weeks but for now here is part of the march today and a few random pics I have on my COMPUTADORA. I added in a pic of Delgado who is happy we are back and also one of my buddies hanging out at Csquat the other night.

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  1. If the hurricane tears Florida off of the rest of the U.S. , then it just might float up the east coast and attach itself to Staten island! Good times yo!