Thursday, September 7, 2017

Fuck Off Irma!

I can't stop watching the damn news today! My new workout regime has me tired early in the evening  and I can't look any from the Trump shit and now Hurricane Irma. John and I used to go snorkeling a lot before we started going to France and it's hitting every damn place we went to plus all of freaking Florida too. Florida has always wanted to be separated from the states but I don't think this is what they had in mind. And all the cats and dogs and pets adrift in 200 mph winds...I can't even think about it!
So I have decided to play guitar then blog. I stopped in the new Bean on 3rd Ave and it was a circus with live jazz playing and so I took one video then left. Pretty sure the owner recognized me as that girl who sits there taking to everyone but never buys anything. THAT IS MY NAME DON'T WEAR IT OUT. That poster is for my friend Martine's film which is screening at Csquat in a few weeks. It's in 20 theaters across canada right now and I am so excited to see it finally!
Then there is Dave with an updated political statement on his new shirt. I also posted a video of him at Odessa's getting some pie thrown in his face at his bday dinner a few days ago. Fun!
Then the adventures of Jerry's mannequin on east became an ad for the open mic I go to sometimes and then it disappeared forever. There seem to be more than one around though..
Some folks hanging at Squat including Shayne who now has birds pecking at his bare feet. If they can eat feet then I suppose that squirrel could be eating a severed finger. And why is John looking up my butt on the DVR and why is it coming up?? Thanks Obummer!

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