Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Martine Blue's film screenings and party at Csquat.

Had a FUCKING GREAT time at the screening of my best friends films at the Morus Museum over the weekend. Her short film she made at C decades ago was hilarious and her feature Hunting Pignut was wonderful. The place was packed as hell and people were tearing up as she really caught the feel of squatting and trying to find yourself in an alternative lifestyle. So so proud of my friend who has come a long way. She is from Toronto and Hunting Pignut was also screening in 20 theaters across Canada.
Here are some pics from the night and a few videos, one of us ladies dancing and singing badly to the Bangles that John captured for us. WOTTA GUY! As you can see it was a blast and a mini reunion as ex-Csquatters came from all over to see the films. Also, I got wasted and somehow made it home at 5am to pass out. YAY ME!

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  1. What a fun night! And my first roof top dance party at your Squat hahaha! Love you E!