Friday, September 29, 2017

Miss Subways Pageant!

Last night was the revival of the old Miss Subways contest from way back in the day and it was a hilarious night of insanity. I managed to take some pics and lots of videos throughout the 3 hour show. I got lost on the way there but ran into Janeane Garofalo who was one of the judges and we found it together. She's really sweet..I love Janeane. We live a few blocks away from each other and John and I have played a few comedy shows that she was part of. Baratunde Thurston and Roger Clark from NY1 were the other judges along with Reverend Jen who made this whole event happen.
I am far too lazy to look up the names of all the contestants but my friend Lisa Levy won and I do have a video of that being announced along with the runner ups!
I also have a short clip of the contest promo that ran on NY1 all day long the day before with my friend Dylan Mars kissing Roger Clark haha...

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  1. wow this is great! So much coverage and Lisa looked so happy!! so nice to meet you and I'm impressed you came in with Janeane and were hanging with Roger Clark from the news too lol