Monday, September 25, 2017

This is not a blog post. Or a pipe.

Just some pics I have on my desktop I will post up...had a GREAT week hanging out with my bestie Martine Blue who lives in newfoundland and was here to screen her new film at Csquat by way of Toronto where it is showing in theaters all week. I will post pics of that next but hungover me just wants to get rid of these other photos taking up space. Its so hot out and with all these events, shows and parties I am loving it. I got my two summers after in France and one in NYC through september. I AM ONE LUCKY BITCH.
We got Hilda and I at at a park show pimping for the Shadow scathing political commentary in The Villager paper this week...Creepy mannequin that is gone now and boy do I miss it. A squirrel eating either a baby carrot or a severed finger...a stroller full of chuhauhua's...a group pic of the hardcore show that apparently did me in as I am on the ground. Vice interviewed some folks in the dog run recently for their was about happy ending massage parlors but if only Dave makes it on the show with that shirt I will be thrilled. Shit was hilarious. Though would be cool if Penny and I make it on too. Dave kinda stole the show though of course. Demonic pizza sign..Groot in the garden on Ave C and 9th..a hamburger hoodie I kind of want and Diane O'Debra and I at a wedding party in Queens last weekend. Elvis has not left the building I guess!

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