Monday, September 11, 2017

Tompkins Square Park punks, drunks and krishnas PLUS La Plaza garbage fashion show! I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT.

So much stuff going on I cannot keep up with it all! Well, I went to it all I just can't keep up with the posting...but I will try! Sometimes I don't remember to tape stuff and I usually miss all the craziness like the five fights that nearly broke out in Tompkins at the last show. So I will catch up this week in between this gorgeous weather I am SO SO into! 80s again! I can dress like a slut! YAY!
So here are some videos of recent fun events. Ive been going to bed at 5am lately..then I work out at the gym from 2-4...then my day really begins! That's a warm up really. And of course I am playing my guitar and getting my internet lessons. LOTS OF VIDEOS HERE FOLKS:

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So we got the Garbage Fashion show in La Plaza and dance party i joined in on after...some REALLY amazing dancing at the rock show in Tompkins on Saturday...that is my favorite part of these shows besides seeing everyone I have ever met at them too. Always a reunion. The hood is still here in-between the starbucks and Gelato shops.

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