Saturday, October 21, 2017

Annual Halloween Dog Run Parade in Tompkins Square Park! 2017!

oh my CHIRST ON A CRUTCH I have NEVER seen this event so packed! It took John and I almost half an hour to walk from 1st Ave into the park! We did not even attempt to watch the actual contest as the line to get into that part was a mile deep. I heard there were 25,000-30,000 people there!
We stuck it out and I got some fun pics and a video of the winner...
What a gorgeous day out too...could not ask for better unless I found a million dollars on the ground!
Such a fun October and next is Halloween which I love dearly.
There are crazy good pro pics out there I am sure...they will be up on soon I assume..but for now here are my iPhone pics and a short video. There really was a lot of cuteness going on there despite the fact that this event is just so hip now to go to. Lots of dragon dogs one with a barbie Khaleesi riding it...a martini conehead with olives, Pennywise and Gerogie...A SEXY  handmaid and her dog..and much more. And an added horse head by Ray's for added fun!

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  1. It was SO crowed I couldn't stay long but people really went all out this year!