Sunday, October 29, 2017

Halloween show in the park and shit.

Yesterday was really nice out for the annual Halloween show in Tompkins...there were going to be two shows actually but today is sort of hurricaning outside so it shall not come to pass. Maybe next week will be the rain date...Von LMO played and it was truly bizarre and though the crowd was small it was a fun show. I wish the shows would be as packed and crazy as they used to be back in the day. But at least I saw one fight and someone did OD on heroin which means it was a success!
Here are a few videos from that event and other random pics thrown in like the girl bowling whom everyone says is my evil twin...and a boxcutter blade that's been in the toilet at Tompkins for almost a week now. My friends had a sidewalk sale in front of Ray's Candy Store and displayed a giant rat with a huge slice of pizza... EXCITING STUFF PEOPLE! Oh, and the Cake Boss whoever the hell that is made a cake for the Day of the Dead fest at St. Marks Church. 
Halloween is going to fun at Warsaw with the World Inferno Friendship Society and their huge halloween shindig...I will likely escape the drunk parade of bros and sexy cats by spending the night out in BK with friends. 

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  1. Thar shit was fun! Great to see you as always Eden!