Monday, October 16, 2017

Honk NYC AND Zombie Crawl

So this past weekend was full of events and though I kinda have the beginning of a cold I went out to them...Honk fest NYC was in La Plaza and featured an all female marching band who were later joined by another marching band and we made our way to Avenue A to Drom bar for the after party which I skipped...I ended up on St Marks by Theatre 80 where I will be applying for work this week and was accosted by people dressed up like Zombies which was the Zombie Bar Crawl. It's cheesy and drunk but far better than Santa Con which is right around the corner so I joined them for a minute by doing the Thriller Dance.
I took some videos and some pics and it was all fun. Now I just need to take it easy and get ready to record with John and finish our new album finally....and work on not getting this flu everyone seems to have this week. Lots more stuff going on next weekend and of course Halloween is almost here. As  commercial as it is and as many Slutty Cats that will be out and about I still love Halloween. I plan on seeing World Inferno Friendship Society that night as usual. I's fun show and an escape from the insanity that will be going on all night when all the slutty cats will be puking on St Marks st and Avenue A too. I added in a cute pic of my friends son who was scared of the halloween decorations that are up at La Plaza now. He made me hit the witch for him. And also someone kinda wheat pasted a memorial for people who have died on the corner of Avenue A and east 5th st. I don't know who did this...Emily Mullen is there on the top right, Bob Arihood, David Peel, Adam Purple, Cowboy Stan, Spike...Erin O'Connor....not sure of the others...

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