Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Mike Diana closing party at Art on A.

Mike Diana is an underground cartoonist and artist whose work got him thrown in jail in Florida i believe some time ago. On grounds of it being obscene or some such nonsense. When I worked at Forbidden Planet a decade ago with John I read all his Boiled Angel comics and loved them.

I hit up his closing reception at Wendigo Art On A space which always has some cool stuff going on. 
I have a lot of stuff to post on here but that 85 degree weather made me just not want to be online too much. One good thing about winter is I am a lot more productive and am indoors a lot more. When it's summer out I walk one block, run into 12 people I know and end up who knows where doing who knows what at some weird event. Which I love but I am trying to write a book, learn guitar for real, and also find some part time work which I am pretty close to doing I think. And record with John of album needs some tweaking.
So here is a video of the art event and some pics...He's a nice guy and I am glad he's still out there doing his thing. Here is his WIKI page too with his info.

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