Tuesday, October 3, 2017

My niece's birthday party upstate...I RODE A FUCKING PONY AT LAST!

On Sunday John and I rented a car and drove my parents upstate to attend my niece's birthday party who is two years old now. There was a PONY and a bouncy castle and my sister is not too into having many pics of her daughter on the internet just yet. I just have a couple. People who insist their underage kids have fb pages are scary and weird...that site is full of pedophiles and sick fucks who prey on kids and teens. However a few om my blog here is okay as I don't have THAT many creepy readers, just a few perhaps!
Most teens are not interested in Fb anymore really...too many new sites cropping up I cant even keep track of them all. Nor do I want to as I am not 12. Pinterest and all that seem like the biggest waste of time ever. My web stuff is more than enough...Not sure I need snapchat and all the rest.
But I did take some pics and videos too OF THE PONY and all that. My mom blessedly passed out in the car so that was a nice bonus. All in all it was fun and my niece is adorable. It was beautiful up there and we walked around an abandoned mansion next door..The Belvedere. Long drive back but I got to sing along with some Yacht Rock 70's music for about two hours which John LOVED OH HOW HE LOVED IT! The hot redhead on the horse is my sister Gena whose house we were at.

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  1. You look so happy riding that pony! It's so big!