Sunday, November 26, 2017

A world without Chuckles Manson.

For the first time ever I now live in a world without Charles Manson. Is it weird that that feels weird? No more fake hoaxes that he's getting paroled. Well I am surprised he lasted this long really. Too many Charlie Don't Surf jokes online it got annoying after two hours.
Some random pics here I shall upload...I have been writing 2-3 hours a day lately at various coffee shops with various friends and some folks were visiting C squat last week so I have been productive lately...John is too busy to record with me so I have been volunteering with Waggytail Rescue lately which has been fun and fulfilling. Also have leads to make some dough finally so that is great as we are already trying to make travel plans for the summer. The Crumbs come into NYC in April and we will be playing the Brooklyn Folk Fest with Robert C which is always a huge thing..also it gets me to practice more as so many come to see us. Well to see Crumb anyway haha...
John works a ton during this season...Thanksgiving Day parade where he got that creepy shot of Olaf...Macy's tree lighting...on and on...which is good as the more dough we have coming in the better! We do have a house to pay for in France after all!
Just some pics of photo shoots at CSquat and my cat who is obsessed with me..Olaf at the parade..pic by John..Some adorable pups we got in for Waggytail rescue at Lucky with two gingers and that's about it for now!


  1. I love you and this're so sweet and fun if I am feeling down I know you have some stuff on here that will make me laugh and smile.
    You are just always so full of life and technicolor when so many are drab and boring. Thanks for this.