Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Van Heusen and yada yada yada...

Holy crap I have been busy and have neglected this blog! Been concentrating on music and going out a lot before it gets so cold that 20 degrees seems warm...Halloween was fun, I just went to a show in BK at Warsaw...I also saw my friends boyfriends Van Halen tribute band and took some pics and videos cause it was hilarious. The crotch close up somehow got 100 likes on twitter or something.
I also got a great shot of the moon last week through Felton Davis's telescope by The Bean...and I hit a great art exhibit that was all creepy stuff at the Living Gallery Outpost on east 4th st and took some pics there. My friends adorable son was NOT impressed by the Devil Baby sculpture...That hallway pic i posted that still has tons of crazy halloween stuff is on St Marks and i don't think they every plan to take them down. I wish my building went all out like that!

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