Saturday, December 30, 2017

Culty bus of Love and Opossum in the Park

Ahh last blog post of 2017 I guess! Been so busy lately I have been neglecting my duties here. I bought that horrible calendar to get even with John for the horrible one he bought last year for us. I kinda forgot I will have to suffer through it too. Sob. I am also upset John threw out my lovely BOX that I had so much fun playing in. That thing held a baritone ukulele case for Crumb when he comes in April and we play the brooklyn folk fest with him. I got my annual chanukah candles and tin menorah from the Mitzvah Tank bus. When you assemble that thing it's so cheap it just breaks when you try and put the candles in it. Under that is the new addition to the wildlife in Tompkins Square Opossum has made it's home in a tree by Ave B and 9th and it's the cutest thing. I have a video I will post of it plus some videos of this weird hippie bus that was parked by the park with a live band on top of it playing music. I googled it and it's the Abracadabra Field Trip bus or something...they drove off with people on top if it and tree branches were smacking them in the face. Whole thing was pretty funny all of us dancing around to the Jackson Five and cheesy Xmas songs...
John got me that handmade pen as part of my Xmas gifts...I love it. I've been writing a lot lately. It's Game of Thrones themed with scales on it and tigers eye on the top. Love it. Huge party for New Years Eve tomorrow night at Csquat so that should be fun. This weather is horrifying me but like Trump tweeted it's proof there is no global warming! Sigh...One hilarious thing this week is the Viceland segment I was in for some show called Slutever has been airing every hour I hear. I caught it once and I am just happy that Dave with Cookie is in it. We made them wait for him to come to the dog run to interview him. He happened to be wearing a shirt with a Viagra joke on it and the segment is about happy ending massage parlors for women. I think I laughed for an entire hour the whole time they were talking to him.

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  1. I want to move to NYC and have your life.
    Pretty please lol?