Thursday, December 14, 2017

East Village Arts fest and Poetry Project.

I am so cultured that I went to TWO art fests this week! It was so so bitterly cold last night I was glad the events I went to were nearby cause I sure didn't feel like being out anywhere far from my place. The Tompkins library had live music in the basement, classes on African Beading, gardening, broadway show tunes, the Celtic band Avon Faire and much more that went on from 11am onward and it was pretty cool. I like when the library has weird stuff going on like my friend is playing there tomorrow for their full album night where his band will do the entire Nirvana Unplugged record.
I took a few videos at the library...really loved the book tree they had up! Then I went to see my bookseller friend Jen read at the St Marks Church after as part of the Poetry Project she helped create. Booksellers set up their tables and read from some of their favorite was a nice little scene in there of people who love books and make a living with them. Like the library, the St Marks Church always has interesting events happening and during Occupy Wall St they let people camp there and use their bathroom. John and I played there once along with some punk  bands thus I dubbed the place Punk Rock Church as they are pretty fun and funky for a church.
Here are some pics and some videos from these two events. I was so proud of myself for going out for so long last night in that cold. Everyone had the same look of shock on their face especially when it started snowing randomly when it got late. It ain't even winter yet dammit!

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