Saturday, December 9, 2017

SantaCon and Non SantaCon

Well, with the snow making my phone almost break documenting SATANcon was just not worth it today. So I have one longish video of the crowd by the 13th step and one pic I thought was funny. My friend Benjamin Cerf was giving me an interview about it all that was interesting but my phone got wet and shut down and I had to give up. By then I was knocked over twice already by drunk santas and yelled at and saw cops giving tickets for public drinking and I was over it all. Same old same old same as it ever was and shouldn't be every damn year.
So I will post the video with a few other pics from around the hood as even making fun of drunken puking santas has lost it's charm. Hopefully some other bloggers got some good footage and i mean good as in bad. Arrests and puking and all the rest! I liked the traveler kids homeless sign it was pretty fancy for spanging..those kids are cool they just busk and hang out. Bert's tits was tweeted and it was a pretty popular tweet...I guess everyone likes Bert AND kitties both. And i thought the broken piece of a 78rpm record on our block was funny cause it's the era and label John likes and it was like someone was leading him away from home using 78s as breadcrumbs...John dreams of finding some old lady or old man's collection thrown out on the street so I am always on the lookout for record trash. Shellac, not that vinyl hipster shit everyone loves again. Yeah.

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