Saturday, January 6, 2018


Well 2018 has arrived and it's too cold to go outside! The deep freeze is crazy but its going to be 52 next week so do not fear! Or go ahead and fear because this is not normal! 
Spent my New Years Eve at Morus Museum at a big fun party...John worked the ball dropping as usual but he's off all week so we have been hiding inside watching movies and playing music. 
Been in touch with a lot of people lately and my old friend and traveling partner Spyce sent me the 2 old pics of us. Busking in Tuscon Az and at some rainbow thing possibly in Wyoming. I can really rock that G chord!
On my way over to C squat some people were handing out that pedialyte which I guess is for hangovers. I barely drink so two glasses of wine does me in but that seems kind of gross to me!
One funny thing this month is some show called Slutever on Viceland  interviewed people in the dog run in Tompkins about women getting happy ending massages and my friend Penny and I are in the promo for the show....but best of all Dave is in it wearing a dirty shirt which is great. We told them they had to talk to him and they waited then did. Have no clue when the episode is on and my little soundbite may be all I get but I just want Dave to be in it a lot. 
The new year is off to a weird start...Jesse Crumb was in a bad car wreck on new years eve and he passed away a few days later from his severe injuries. Such a shock to everyone...he lived in Oregon with his wife and was driving on a dangerous road it looks like. Sad to call the Crumbs to say happy new year and it turns into a condolence call for the loss of Robert's son. Very shocking and tragic. 
I took some videos of the New Years Eve party at C and also taped that Slutever here ya go..Rude Mechanical Orchestra played at midnight and the whole place danced. 

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  1. You are the cutest!!! cant wait to see you on my TV girl!