Sunday, February 25, 2018

Memorial For Hassan at Csquat

Last night we celebrated the colorful life of Hassan AKA Jerry Heiserman. From 50's beatnik to living at Csquat and asking everyone for a dollar on a daily basis, Hassan was one of a kind and the last days of his life were in a nice nursing home that he liked where everyone loved him and he was sober. The stories he had are unbelievable and I will post a snippet from my friend Bill Cashman's Facebook post about Hassan below. Hassan played jazz and jammed with some of John's famous teachers at the New School for music. He lived a hundred lives in one and it was a great night. Fly showed some interview footage she took of him.People read some of the stories he told out loud. Old photos were hung up around the basement plus there was a guest book to sign which his sister will get in the mail soon. He had lost touch with his family decades before for the most part. I took some pics and several videos. There was also live music and a dance party that lasted until 3am. People were dancing and falling on the was quite a scene-just like Hassan would have wanted.

From Bill's fb page:

"RIP Jerry Heiserman aka HASSAN + Papa Smurf.He was one of the OG beatniks of San Francisco & Portland.He went on the road w Kerouac.Kirby Doyle called him One of the Great Dandies of his Generation.Roomates w Angus Maclise while he was the original drummer in The Velvet Underground. Toured with the Byrds. Became a Sufi mystic...."

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Mr. LES Pageant!

Last night the Footlight Bar hosted the annual Mr. LES Pageant and it was glorious as usual. And this time no one was attacked by topless women during their set! It's a miracle! Fritz Donnelly won the title after several years of trying and Miss Subways, Lisa Levy nabbed second place as Mr. Tribeca. Tim Shea, who is the husband of the bar's owner Laura Reagan, took third place after his sexy fanny pack dance.
Despite the snow and cold the bar was packed to the brim with live music in between the talent, swimsuit and evening wear segments and people danced in the aisles. Always ironic when the Mr, LES pageant can't be held in the actual LES due to lack of cool venues but The Footlight Bar is a wonderful venue that has comedians, live bands, and even yoga classes during the week and they are always happy to welcome this mad circus of an event into their space.
I took lotsa pics and MANY MANY videos which I will post below. Talent competition featured someone drawing a portrait with the marker up their butt and the winner, Fritz, turning himself into a human breakfast burrito. Pics include comedian Nathan Rand with Laura Regan..Lisa Levy wearing her Miss Subways outfit, Rev Jen with Tommy Nutsack and a group shot of all the participants on stage. Videos begin with Mike Amato opening the show and end with Fritz's acceptance speech. Enjoy! IF YOU DARE!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Lonely Somoans and other oddities.

Ah my laptop was in the shop then in the shop AGAIN this month! But it is finally all fixed up and like new. Next up-spill hot coffee on it! This thing has survived incredible abuse by me but it loves me enough to hang on. I have been so busy lazy about blogging. Perhaps 2018 will be my last year. I started this blog with the encouragement of Bob Arihood who told me we need more female bloggers to write about the hood as their just aren't many. So I began and am AMAZED at the amount of hits I get! Sure, half are from my stalker probably but according to my tracker I average 200 different people a day which is not all that bad. I just don't have the time or energy to post every day and I am thinking maybe one decade of this is enough. I may miss it though...but lately all I want to do is promote my band, sell our march and write and play music. And writing will take up ANY free time I have. I will see how I feel at the end of the year I guess! Evgrieve links me so much or give me shout outs that satisfy my desire for fame!
So I am backed up as always..with posts and with my BM's which have corn in them though I haven't eaten any corn. INTERESTING I KNOW.
So here's some stuff from Somoa Moriki's closing night at Howl Happening. I knew everyone in his band so that was fun. They are all old friends of John who worked at Context with him or have played with him and even me at some point.
I will also throw in some random weird pics I took this week...some scary chair someone tossed out...some heart condoms by the Cristadora on Valentine's Day..Somoa's Candy Coated Evil cake...and a red tailed hawk I saw swoop down and grab a rat about ten ten feet from me today in the park!
My next post will be a doozy as the Mr. LES Pageant is on the 17th at my friends bar in Ridgewood the Footlight. Always a crazy and naked time! In spite of some FUCKING FREEZING days this winter is now flying by and March looks to be a great time for me.
Poor John has been flying everywhere working the Grammy's red carpet and the Super Bowl and more...His slow time in TV somehow became his busy time so we have no gigs until we play with Crumb in April.
AnyToots, here ya go...Somoa does my favorite song by him Mr. Corporation which I taped...

Saturday, February 3, 2018

My love Delgado has the DIABEETUS!

So this post is about feline diabetes which my cat was recently diagnosed with. I didn't even know cats could GET the diabeetus so it was a shock! Now I am an expert. I call this "reluctant learning" like when our dog got cancer and I had to learn all about chemo and prednisone and more. The good thing about diabetes is it's treatable.
The first signs were he was drinking huge bowls of water a day and then wanted more. And then urinating a ton and the urine was sticky as it had sugar in it. Also a big sign is his back legs were weak and he was stumbling and could not jump up on the couch. We were scared his hypothyroid was back for the third time which would be insane but nope! DIABEETUS!
So I have learned to give insulin shots twice a day and we changed his diet to a low carb high meat protein one and luckily he seems to like a lot of the food he is allowed to have though I am sure he's thinking WHY IS THE GIRL NOT GIVINE ME MY GRILLED FANCY FEAST DAMMIT.
Because that has too many carbs in it and can make him sick. His numbers were very high...over 500 and now a week later it's around 290. So that's good.
I also am learning how to home test him and check his blood glucose levels in the couch so he's not so stressed out going to the vet every week or twice a week.
So here are some pics of my lovely cat I rescued from Mexico 16 years ago who loves me more than anything in the world. And my Delgado printed socks John got me which I also love. We are hoping he goes into remission as cats with diabetes often do.
Also if you think your cat has diabetes or he/she has it and you need to learn more this MESSAGE BOARD is just chock full of info about everything you need to know and is full of kind, helpful people who also have diabetic cats.