Sunday, February 25, 2018

Memorial For Hassan at Csquat

Last night we celebrated the colorful life of Hassan AKA Jerry Heiserman. From 50's beatnik to living at Csquat and asking everyone for a dollar on a daily basis, Hassan was one of a kind and the last days of his life were in a nice nursing home that he liked where everyone loved him and he was sober. The stories he had are unbelievable and I will post a snippet from my friend Bill Cashman's Facebook post about Hassan below. Hassan played jazz and jammed with some of John's famous teachers at the New School for music. He lived a hundred lives in one and it was a great night. Fly showed some interview footage she took of him.People read some of the stories he told out loud. Old photos were hung up around the basement plus there was a guest book to sign which his sister will get in the mail soon. He had lost touch with his family decades before for the most part. I took some pics and several videos. There was also live music and a dance party that lasted until 3am. People were dancing and falling on the was quite a scene-just like Hassan would have wanted.

From Bill's fb page:

"RIP Jerry Heiserman aka HASSAN + Papa Smurf.He was one of the OG beatniks of San Francisco & Portland.He went on the road w Kerouac.Kirby Doyle called him One of the Great Dandies of his Generation.Roomates w Angus Maclise while he was the original drummer in The Velvet Underground. Toured with the Byrds. Became a Sufi mystic...."

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