Sunday, February 18, 2018

Mr. LES Pageant!

Last night the Footlight Bar hosted the annual Mr. LES Pageant and it was glorious as usual. And this time no one was attacked by topless women during their set! It's a miracle! Fritz Donnelly won the title after several years of trying and Miss Subways, Lisa Levy nabbed second place as Mr. Tribeca. Tim Shea, who is the husband of the bar's owner Laura Reagan, took third place after his sexy fanny pack dance.
Despite the snow and cold the bar was packed to the brim with live music in between the talent, swimsuit and evening wear segments and people danced in the aisles. Always ironic when the Mr, LES pageant can't be held in the actual LES due to lack of cool venues but The Footlight Bar is a wonderful venue that has comedians, live bands, and even yoga classes during the week and they are always happy to welcome this mad circus of an event into their space.
I took lotsa pics and MANY MANY videos which I will post below. Talent competition featured someone drawing a portrait with the marker up their butt and the winner, Fritz, turning himself into a human breakfast burrito. Pics include comedian Nathan Rand with Laura Regan..Lisa Levy wearing her Miss Subways outfit, Rev Jen with Tommy Nutsack and a group shot of all the participants on stage. Videos begin with Mike Amato opening the show and end with Fritz's acceptance speech. Enjoy! IF YOU DARE!

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