Saturday, February 3, 2018

My love Delgado has the DIABEETUS!

So this post is about feline diabetes which my cat was recently diagnosed with. I didn't even know cats could GET the diabeetus so it was a shock! Now I am an expert. I call this "reluctant learning" like when our dog got cancer and I had to learn all about chemo and prednisone and more. The good thing about diabetes is it's treatable.
The first signs were he was drinking huge bowls of water a day and then wanted more. And then urinating a ton and the urine was sticky as it had sugar in it. Also a big sign is his back legs were weak and he was stumbling and could not jump up on the couch. We were scared his hypothyroid was back for the third time which would be insane but nope! DIABEETUS!
So I have learned to give insulin shots twice a day and we changed his diet to a low carb high meat protein one and luckily he seems to like a lot of the food he is allowed to have though I am sure he's thinking WHY IS THE GIRL NOT GIVINE ME MY GRILLED FANCY FEAST DAMMIT.
Because that has too many carbs in it and can make him sick. His numbers were very high...over 500 and now a week later it's around 290. So that's good.
I also am learning how to home test him and check his blood glucose levels in the couch so he's not so stressed out going to the vet every week or twice a week.
So here are some pics of my lovely cat I rescued from Mexico 16 years ago who loves me more than anything in the world. And my Delgado printed socks John got me which I also love. We are hoping he goes into remission as cats with diabetes often do.
Also if you think your cat has diabetes or he/she has it and you need to learn more this MESSAGE BOARD is just chock full of info about everything you need to know and is full of kind, helpful people who also have diabetic cats.


  1. Aw poor little kitty! hope he feels better soon!

  2. best wishes for little guy!