Tuesday, March 27, 2018

My goddess I am lazy! But cool and fun and funny and wonderful.

I think this has to be my last year of blogging. One decade and I'm just too busy! Also I don't have a huge readership really like an evgrieve or vanishing ny.  I basically had fun since 2009 doing this and now I need to promote my band and career and write my book. 50 pages in! I post on Fb and on twitter and this is just a bit much to keep up with lately. I do have hundreds of readers which is amazing but I am on here less and less. I will keep all posts up of course like the viral one with Crumb and all the rest. So enjoy this last year and I will try to post more often!
Here is some stuff going on I will put up...random and funny and just stuff. We have a big gig with Crumb on the 8th and the next few weeks are full of funny crazy stuff and celeb stuff and I will try to post that. I hate promoting so much all I want to do is talk about Human Centipede really all day. And get the song Take it Easy by the Eagles out of my head as it's been stuck in there for a week now. 7 WOMEN ON MY MIND OH YEAH. Sorry if I double post some of these pics I am too lazy to go back and check what I posted this past month. We got the BK folk fest flyer....we play Sunday at 5:45pm...should be a blast! Robert comes in on the 4th so after I get my hair done nice for the show and do some other stuff we will hang out and jam maybe that night. Can't wait. I saw my first and second cousins and we all had fun at Ray's which they wanted to check out.
Ass Studios was taken at Rev Jen's art show at the MF gallery weeks ago...I just forgot to post the pic. Mosaic Man has some cool new stuff going on at St Marks..and I think that tv channel may want to rethink their shortening of Teen Titans. Sort of giving off the wrong message.
Ray's now deep fries everything! Any candy bar he will deep fry it! Go on in and ask. Then there was a reunion of sorts this past weekend for Kenny Kendra's memorial shows and Troll who I have not seen in like 20 years showed up at C and we got to hang out. Shayne knows him from LA too from long long ago. And I had to get my scarf in as the attention this gets is INSANE. More than any crazy outfit I wear all summer. Cops love it. Crackheads love it. Cops follow me to ask me where I got it. It matches my guitar strap! Alright gotta go practice now while John works the Jesus Christ Superstar live set up!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Fire jumping at La Plaza!

Last night was the annual Persian fire jumping for spring in La Plaza and it was the biggest one yet I think! Even PIX11 was there filming and it was on the 10pm news! I saw myself for a second and Shayne was in almost every shot somehow...it was cold and windy but it was the most crowded I have ever seen it. Fire department showed up again and read the permit, looked confused and left. This is also a ritual that happens every year! That last video is me taping myself when I jumped over the fire pits and it was pretty weak I have to admit. The little kids jumped way higher than I did.
Here are some pics and videos from the night and I will see if I can link the channel 11 news too.

Monday, March 12, 2018

God Friended Me on Avenue C but closed A&C. Sniff.

They are filming the movie God Friended Me around Avenue C and D for the next few days and how bizarre it was to see a fake subway station in front of La Plaza, fake bus stops and that A&C kitchen was turned into a bodega! Tomorrow is the spring fire jumping ritual in La Plaza which I love so I hope the rain holds off and both things are happening at once.
Here are some pics of it PLUS my favorite nut The Howler showed up as usual and hung out at C squat for a while howling while they were trying to do takes before the sun wet down. Heh.
I got a video of that fun. It is still cold as shit but spring is really in the air and I can't wait till April when I have all kinds of fun stuff going on like our big show with Crumb and more!

Monday, March 5, 2018

Two days in Fort Lauderdale! Oh can you STAND this much excitement?

Had to come down to Broward County to see my eye doc here and was going to stay 4-5 days but with the storm coming Wednesday early I just booked a flight back to NYC tomorrow afternoon! Sorta can't wait to be back already...got a clean bill of health and my new lenses come tomorrow early and then I have nada to do here. I don't drive and don't have a car so I have a 1-2 mile radius to hang out in and today I saw about everything I wanted to see and OH THE EXCITEMENT OF THESE THINGS! Basically I went to a thrift store, hung out by some railroad tracks and fed some lizards by the pool. Hotel is nice with healthy food and a gym I used for an hour today but I need to beat this storm and get back to take Delgado's blood and make sure he is okay. John is sick too and I want to be home and taking care of him.
So here is my trip...some freaking lizards that loved me and some train tracks. Yeehaw. I have some pics I took in NYC before I left that I forgot to post...I started this blog in 2008 and I think 2018 is my last year. I just really want to promote my music and band and do other stuff. With twitter and Instagram I am blogging less and less. I like tweeting funny shit to evgrieve and that's good enough for me. I will keep the blog up though of course....ten years of history here! May repost some stuff I have archived too... But I hope some more gals decide to do this...I was encouraged to blog about the hood as I do so much and know everyone and go out a lot but it may be time for bigger and better after a decade of my musings!
 I have quite the Facebook fan club now too and if I actually do write a novel that sees the light of day I will make a page for myself on there...the Crumb fans will love it cause I am way more accessible than John is with that stuff!