Monday, March 12, 2018

God Friended Me on Avenue C but closed A&C. Sniff.

They are filming the movie God Friended Me around Avenue C and D for the next few days and how bizarre it was to see a fake subway station in front of La Plaza, fake bus stops and that A&C kitchen was turned into a bodega! Tomorrow is the spring fire jumping ritual in La Plaza which I love so I hope the rain holds off and both things are happening at once.
Here are some pics of it PLUS my favorite nut The Howler showed up as usual and hung out at C squat for a while howling while they were trying to do takes before the sun wet down. Heh.
I got a video of that fun. It is still cold as shit but spring is really in the air and I can't wait till April when I have all kinds of fun stuff going on like our big show with Crumb and more!

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