Monday, April 9, 2018

Hanging with Robert Crumb before and during our gig at the BK Folk fest!

I think I announced in March this will be my last year of blogging. I started in 2008 or so and I went from 3 posts a week to about 2 a month cause I'm busy and writing a book and it's too much to maintain. I will announce it again and maybe get a nice send off from grieve or whoever..but I need to work on my career and music and other stuff. It has been fun though!
This week Crumb came in on the 4th in the afternoon and basically listened to 78s with John over at our place for 3 nights straight. It was fun and we had a blast playing the Brooklyn Folk Fest Sunday headlining the end of the day program. It is on their fb page cause they live streamed the whole show so John's mom got to see us play for the first time live(kinda) and everyone was really into it. Whole place was getting down. Robert was a little mobbed with fans so we left early but it was great.
I have some pics and video to post up..and I can link the livestream to the show too. We sound okay considering John is a little sick and I lost my voice and Robert was tired. Saw so many great acts there also got interviewed for a documentary about the Fest too. Fun!

Here is the link to most of our set...some of the best songs were cut off but what can ya do. You have to have a FB account to view it though!

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