Sunday, May 6, 2018

Cannabis rally in Union Square on Cinco de Mayo!

Today was so fun I just had to blog at 2am about it...well that and I never have time to post anymore somehow...writing other stuff is time consuming but more productive...
Today was the annual pot parade and it ended at Union Square as usual with a show and bands and speakers. It really felt different this year what with weed being that much closer to legalization now. It was like some unspoken thing that everyone there was smoking weed blatantly in public though many cops were there watching. Then at 4:59 exactly the permit was up and everyone got paranoid and ran off haha! True story! I had a contact high with all that insane smoke around and took a video of the countdown to 4:20pm and some pics.
It really will be fun when pot is legal. Everyone was so happy and there were no fights or bad shit like in Tompkins where everyone is either nodding out or smoking crack. Everyone was hugging and sharing joints and just...this shit needs to be legal already. Hell, if NJ is doing it why not NYC? If we don't do it we can't make fun of NJ anymore!
AnyGanja, here ya go friends...sorry I am so sporadic but since it got warm and May is my favorite month with my birthday in it and all I have barely even been online...little bits here and there BUT John just got me a new laptop for part of my bday gifts! My old one bit the dust months ago but it barely effected me. Too much other stuff going on I guess...crazy winter and now great spring though it started 3 days ago!

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