Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Garden procession! Costumes! Kids! Body Paint!

Last week was the sort of rainy but fun garden procession which marched from garden to garden and school to school spreading love, glitter and earth appreciation. I caught up with it at the 6th and B garden and look some pics and a video then had to run but it was pretty cool! I had seen the pirate ships at Morus Museum and C squat but didn't realize what they were being built for.
So many events this month...always love my birthday month cause of all the fun and crazy shit but the rain is a bummer! WEATHER MACHINE OWNED BY TRUMP TRYING TO RUIN MY GOOD TIME! Big Waggytail Dog Rescue at the Slipper Room tomorrow with Tammy Faye Starlight and Janeane Garofalo performing so that should be a fun time...and Clemente Soto art exhibits is going on that night AND Friday night too! Dance Parade Saturday but it could get rained out this year...or maybe we just dance in the acid rain.

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