Monday, May 21, 2018

NYC Dance Parade was rain or shine mostly rain with some shine and fun as fuck!

The annual Dance parade was this past weekend and though it rained it was still the most fun event of the year. I actually woke up early to see the floats for once but it was pouring I watched a movie with John who is off work for weeks now YAY! and by the time I got outside it was NOT raining and there they all were! Smaller than usual of course but two stages were going strong with the groups performing and the free dance space with the pirate ship and DJ were going full force. I took a ton of pics and videos as usual and danced for hours with all kinds of crazy people. When I dropped out of a conga line the Dance Police gave me a ticket for not dancing...sob..which was actually a pass to get in to Nublu cheap that night but I was actually too tired to even try. So happy it was going on still and now the weather is great every day. We leave for France so soon I can't believe it but still plenty of time to do all kinds of fun weird NYC stuff now that it is finally spring. There's so much stuff this month I can't even post it all...I am just too lazy/busy doing other stuff so I will just post the most fun goings on.

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