Sunday, June 3, 2018

Aline Crumb at Housing Works Bookshop last month.

Late belated post from Aline Crumb's Book tour and signing in NYC. Been swamped lately but I will have lots of france posts up soon to make everyone green with envy or green from vomiting.
Aline has a new book out and came through NYC a few weeks ago and I went to see her speak at Housing Works Bookshop which I always forget is this great place with tons of good books and nice people volunteering there. I also hung with Aline just about every day eating sushi, gossiping and people watching at The Fancy Bowery Hotel which was full of celebs and richies. I was happy to find my pic on the back of the book- the second photo down and another cartoonist drew us all which was cool. Some freaky characters showed up for this event and it was pretty funny but it was the last leg of her tour and after the signing we bolted to fancy hotel to eat and pass out. Aline gets up at 6am and does two hours of yoga every day and I sleep til noon but somehow I was tired too! It's a hard knock life! Also took a few videos of her Q and A and more. I love Aline to pieces. We leave in a month for France to check out the construction on our new house there across from the Crumbs and to finish recording our next album and to see Sophie and her kids and relax. Can't wait! Our house is FREAKING BEAUTIFUL NOW WE HAVE BEEN TOLD!

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