Saturday, June 23, 2018

Drag March in Tompkins my fave rave event!

So Friday was the drag march from Tompkins to Stonewall Inn and though I skipped the march part due to an opening at the Living Gallery I wanted to see I did hang out several hours before they left the park to head west. COSTUMES, WIGS, TWERKING, PARTIAL NUDITY, MAKEUP! I love this so much. I took some video but I am just too short and I think the 15 or so pics I will post will give a pretty good idea of the vibe in Tompkins as the drag march posed and pranced around the place. I don't even bother dressing up nothing is as insane and great as what these folks pull off...
Evgrieve has some great pro pics too taken by my friend Stacie Joy.

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