Sunday, June 10, 2018

If her daddy's rich take her out for a meal if her daddy's poor just do what you feel!

I love that song but man those lyrics...but I do love summer and it's about here!
Had some crazy times this week and this past weekend but it's so much work to upload videos and stuff and with working on my book and a short story right now it's making me really lazy about this blog. Well it is on its last year so I guess it doesn't have to be too exciting. I can go out with a whimper!
Here is some random weird stuff though around the hood...I do love my new computadora it's so fast and clean! So fresh and SO clean!
That converse was size 16. I could fit 8 of my feet in there! You know what they say about big feet and cavernous vaginas! My new favorite restaurant is Ho Foods. I feel really at home there. Some graffiti at C squat...some guy crapping in the park while checking out his manicure...a kale smoothie or nuclear radiation in the park decide! My friend and his cute puppy and me and some scary giant bear that's been running around lately.
Just little snippets from around the park and such...I have so much more but I am going to watch the Tony Awards cause John is working them tonight. Is it weird I am REALLY excited to be going to see Frozen with my Swedish nieces in August? More excited than they probably are?

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