Thursday, June 21, 2018

New Art by Robert Crumb! Samantha Bee! Offensive shirt!

So lots of things happening...thought I would post a few of them on here at 1 am! Whee! The top art by R Crumb is actually a great watercolor and it is up for auction at Heritage Auctions now. Bidding ends in august I think and starts at 50k which is a steal for Robert Crumb original art so sell your firstborn and buy it! Make us rich rich RICH! Here is the have to sign in and sign up to bid. So not sure it works but you can cut and paste it.
The Crumb art below is just for our private collection...Daddy Stovepipe on Maxwell street. I think there is a Jamba Juice there now. Sigh. I have been told I need to promote more and talk about Crumb more but I would prefer to post other stuff too..and give my friends equal time. I won a raffle prize to see Samantha Bee and Mark Kelly speak at the 92y so my friend Simona and I went and it was great. Love her so much. And there was a 7 foot guy on the train behind me so Simona snuck a pic.
Then I met another friend and spent the day in Prospect park and the best thing we saw was a baby turtle sunning it's legs on a rock.
The best thing I saw in Tompkins square was Dave wearing his new shirt. Can you tell he makes them himself? DIY all the way ten punk points! A lot going on and its hard to keep up when I am writing a book and also recording and getting ready to leave NYC for the south of france in two weeks now. But I am trying! Last year of this blog then I archive it all...sniff...the times they are a changing...unlike my underthings.

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