Saturday, June 30, 2018

New post! I am posting! Me! Posting!

Couldn't think of a title for this post..just a bunch of stuff going on around town...or within a five block radius of my place! Which is how far I will go in this weather...getting ready to pack and leave next weekend for france to see the Crumbs so trying to do a lot. Played a show last night...saw a show in the park...had a visit from the Free the Nipple hippie bus whom I adore...and other random thingamajigs. So here are some pics and videos from that....for you, dear readers, to enjoy. Because. love you all. Really I do..oh! and of course some videos from the Gay Pride Parade including the Free the Foreskin folks! Free foreskins? I am SO there!


  1. Hello Eden,
    Will you play in France?
    We might come to see you from paris, it's not so far by train so let us know.
    Thanks, JF

  2. Come back! Everyone already missed you!