Wednesday, August 22, 2018

A Tasting at Ray's Candy Store.

I missed this event last year cause I was in France but this was really funny and fun..Matt Rosen organized a tasting event at Ray's and people came by for two hours and sampled fries, fried oreos and other staples of the place. People asked to get their pic taken with Ray who was in the back making the food and that rainbow poster is Ray once commented on Big Gay Ice Cream and how maybe he should change the name of his shop to Big Gay Ray's Candy Store.
All in all a nice event on a slow Monday that brought in a lot of people.
Tonight is the 80th anniversary of B&H Dairy and they are having a party/tasting too...not THAT should be pretty crazy I imagine! Will try to get a few pics there too when I walk by with John for a few minutes.

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