Sunday, August 19, 2018

Last of the pics from summer with the Crumbs in France!

I am so backed up cause I have been out every night since I got back but I want to get the rest of the France pics up I can move on and get back to some NYC stuff. Crazy show at C squat with Mob 47 the other night...I was happy to work the door cause it was ONE MILLION DEGREES DOWNSTAIRS. Last night there was a David Bowie dance party and film night at Morus and that was crazy fun too...Since I got back I have slapped people awake who are nodding out on the street and in the dog wakes them up and its fun! I don't want the dogs to end up in kill shelters if the drugged out kid gets taken away by an ambulance. I guess this is my new thing now. At least I wake them up.
Pretty much back into the NYC groove now though this K2 shit seems to have gotten way worse. 90 people OD'd in CT? Killing in a park near me over it? WTF is going on?
Anyhooch, here are some more France pics...gotta move on from the great vacation!
There are probably some doubles here but I wanted to get the weird stuff up that I saw at the brocante in Sauve when it was like 102 out and I was passing out from the heat but coudn't help but look at all the weird crap. That food truck had the best burgers I have ever had. Happy I am back at the gym though and lost 5lbs since I have returned! My winter is going to be working, working out and writing. Can't ask for any more fun than that except for when I go out and get blacked out drunk! Too bad the wine here is undrinkable to me now after France.

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